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👋 Hi, I'm John

I'm an entrepreneur & product manager with 2 revenue-generating businesses built.

I love building software, investment management, FinTech, crypto, and all forms of digital creativity!

Before founding R.A.R.E Art & Commandiv, I was a hedge fund investor and previously an investment banker.  I started coding in high school and like playing with new technologies.  I work hard and learn quickly.

Please reach out if you think I can help you, or vice versa!

I believe in positive-sum outcomes, and will always enjoy chatting about the University of Virginia, mindfulness, Phish, and the Grateful Dead 💀

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R.A.R.E Art

R.A.R.E Art is a marketplace for limited-edition digital art, authenticated by the Ethereum blockchain.

We built R.A.R.E as a platform for blockchain-based licensing of digital media. Creators can authenticate and sell their digital creations in the marketplace, and buyers can showcase their collections with our Apple TV app., a marketplace for limited-edition digital art authenticated on the Ethereum blockchain
Check-out demos of R.A.R.E's My Studio & My Collection dashboards


Commandiv was the 1st combined cryptocurrency & stock-trading platform for US investors.

We built a consumer investing platform to manage crypto, stocks & ETFs together. Trade suggestions were built-in for painless portfolio rebalancing.

Mobile Product Demo

You can check-out the desktop product demo here

Onboarding Flow

We built an elegant, SEC-compliant onboarding flow to accommodate regulated identity checks


Passive Investing Rebalancer

Google Sheet  •  Excel Download

I use this tool to construct & rebalance my portfolio of index-tracking ETFs. It's simple to manage your own portfolio and pay tiny fees! Use this to achieve both growth and income for your portfolio with global stocks, bonds, and real estate.

Sector-by-Sector Rebalancer

Google Sheet  •  Excel Download

If you want to rotate between industries & themes strategically, good luck! But for God's sake least use the lowest-cost passive ETFs 😉

My Digital Library

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This is where I take notes on books I find informative & important.

Hedge Fund Reading List

Google Sheet  •  PDF Download

Great reading list for aspiring investors, institutional & individual. (h/t to Blue Ridge Capital)


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I've also enjoyed press coverage on projects I've built:


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